Why Am I Not Losing Weight? | 7 Possible Reasons To Know

Why am I not losing weight?: Even after making all the efforts, you can still see the same weight reflecting on your weighing machine? It is something heartbreaking.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight.
Why Am I Not Losing Weight.

Weight loss can sometimes slow down and happen to stop altogether. There can be reasons why your body is just not ready to shed those extra calories. We have included the possible causes are as follows.

Maybe You Are Losing But Do Not Realise It

  • A weighing machine is the only thing through which you can find out the weight loss procedure.
  • Until and unless you lose at least one kg, your weighing machine might show the same figure every time.
  • Apart from everything else, water also has a role play in influencing the skill number.
  • At any point of time you weigh yourself on a machine after drinking plenty of water, it is bound to reflect a higher amount.

You Are Not Eating Correctly

  • Just a single meal that is high in calories is enough to put an end to all the weight loss efforts that you have made throughout the day.
  • For instance, you workout throughout the day and also remain hungry.
  • Eventually, you had two burgers and a cup of cold drink to quench your hunger.
  • Believe me, all the efforts that you had put in went in vain.

Less Amount Of Protein

  • The most important nutrient for losing weight is protein.
  • If you can manage to include at least 30% protein in your routine diet, your body is going to feel full drastically for several hours.
  • This will eventually produce the desire for snacking and result in excessive weight loss outcomes.
  • A diet that is less in protein also results in a slower metabolism, which eventually starts accumulating weight.
  • Make sure that you never avoid having protein in your diet.

Eating More Calories Than Required

  • The process of losing weight is all about consuming a lesser amount of calories than your body requires.
  • The opposite of it is weight gain.
  • Maybe you are not watching it correctly, and that’s the reason weight gain is continually taking place.

Lesser Physical Movement

  • Apart from regulating diet and everything else, a body also needs a lot of physical movement to Burn Down fat.
  • Even if you cannot manage to do heavy workout every day, at least go for a long walk for 45 minutes regularly.

Higher Quantity

  • Reduce the quantity of food you are consuming to continue the weight loss procedure.
  • Maybe you are having a lot of green Tea, but then they should be consumed in a reasonable quantity.
  • It would help if you never had them in excess else calorie accumulation will take place.

Still Having Sugar

  • You will not be able to believe how badly a sugary drink impacts your weight loss procedure.
  • Your brain doesn’t compromise with the lesser calories supplied if there is any amount of sugar present in the regular diet.
  • If you genuinely are adamant about losing weight, avoid having sugary drinks.

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