Vitamin C Supplements | 7 Benefits To Take In Our Daily Life

Vitamin C Supplements: The essential Vitamin C is not produced by the body and needs to be supplied through the external supplements. The impressive health benefits of Vitamin C include better metabolism, gums and immunity.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C Supplements
Vitamin C Supplements

Fruits like bell pepper, broccoli, lemon, oranges and Alma naturally have Vitamin C in them. The minimal requirement of vitamin D intake amongst women is 75 mg, whereas, for men, it is 90 MG. It is always necessary to consume Vitamin C rich foods every day to meet the daily needs.

Powerful Antioxidant

  • Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that enhances the natural defence system of the body.
  • It has molecules that induce immunity and protects the body against harmful molecules and free radicals.
  • The daily consumption of Vitamin C can keep you away from several diseases that can otherwise quickly attack your body.

Helps In Managing High BP

  • Another great benefit of consuming Vitamin C is on blood pressure.
  • It keeps your heart protected and also lowers down the blood pressure.
  • According to a study, Vitamin C can reduce blood pressure levels and ensure proper stabilisation.

Fights With Heart Disease

  • Over the years, heart disease has been a leading cause of sudden death across the world.
  • Consumption of Vitamin C can fight with bad cholesterol and induce the level of good cholesterol.
  • It can interestingly keep your heart healthy and young forever.

Fight With Iron Deficiency

  • Vitamin C does not directly help in reducing the level of haemoglobin in the blood but gives it the ability to absorb iron from the foods that have it.
  • Iron is an essential nutrient that is involved in pumping up blood in various body organs.
  • Absorption of metal with the help of Vitamin C can make you healthy and beautiful in no time.
  • The risk of anaemia is also reduced as the body becomes capable of absorbing iron from different food items.

Better Immunity

  • Vitamin C not only affects one body part but many.
  • It is an excellent remedy for fighting with diseases as well as agent issues.
  • The body e becomes more immune and self-sufficient as it gets a proper dose of Vitamin C every day.


  • Majority of the beauty products available in the market have Vitamin C content in them.
  • The supplement is known to fight with ageing and wrinkling issues naturally.

Weight Loss

  • Vitamin C in the form of lemon combined with honey can help in enhancing metabolism and reduce calories naturally. 

How to maximise the consumption of Vitamin C daily?

  • Make sure that you consume green leafy vegetables every day as they have a high Vitamin C content in them.
  • Further, cauliflower, Blueberry pineapples and winter squash also have a considerable amount of Vitamin C in them.
  • Try consuming sweet potatoes and broccoli as well.

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