Using SmartPhones: Know the Side Effects First

Using Smartphones: Know the Side Effects First Love using smartphones for the majority of hours of the day? No doubt you should be asleep by 10 PM at night. Somehow, the disturbing element in the form of smartphones and computers just doesn’t let that happen.

Using SmartPhones

Using SmartPhones: Know the Side Effects First
Using SmartPhones: Know the Side Effects First

There is something or the other interesting that keeps on popping on our screens to arrest the tension. Also, the television and the PC also have a massive contribution when it comes to disturbing human sleep in the current era. So what are the side effects of watching television and phone screen for long hours? We have discussed all of them in this whole sole article.

58% of people who worked on computers sufferer from vision syndrome. There are not just one but a series of problems that occur as a disadvantage of watching screen for longer hours. the common symptoms include.

  • Severe pain in neck and back
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye strain
  • Headache

The long term side effect of watching the screen can permanently damage vision. Should be noted that ever since 1971, the cases of near-sightedness have literally doubled. 90% of the teens and adults are near-sighted. It is not just the screen brightness that affects us but also the colours and radiation is that it emits. The Blue, Green and the red colour are the major contributors of eye damage.

How to identify the problems?

The onset of the problem takes place When we start using the screen at night. The blue light emitting from different gadgets can end up interrupting our sleep and result in improper cardiac rhythm.

Indeed, reading an e book for more than four hours can result in lesser production of melatonin and can disrupt the good night sleep. It has been reported to observe that people who read books at night were.

  • More alert during night 
  • had difficulty in falling asleep
  • felt tired in the morning

The damages for Watching phone screen for longer how hours can also damage the brain of your child

In today’s Era, there are just a handful of children who are developed without smartphones, the internet and tablets. The advances of technology are more harmful for the parents because the children are completely dependent on digital gadgets that can provide endless hours of entertainment.

In fact , get all the educational content from the screen itself. That unlimited screen time is very harmful for the parents and children alike. It restricts the mental development of the child because he has a limited amount of things to see.

The negative effects of too much screen time can be because of:

  • There can be serious Behavioural problems that watching a computer for more than 2 hours a day can occur.
  • Engaging too much time while playing video games can create a lot of risk factors for gaining weight.
  • There is a problem of sleep Apnea that commonly takes place amongst children of small age groups.
  • Children can develop DE sensitivity by getting exposed to too many video games, movies, shows and music. Such children might use violence to solve that problem and whatever they might see on television

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