Symptoms Of Pregnancy | 11 Early Signs That You Are Pregnant

Symptoms of pregnancy can be more than just nausea and dizziness. If you are expecting to miss your periods and have a little bundle of joy in your tummy, we have shared specific symptoms that will help you to confirm the news.

Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Symptoms Of Pregnancy
Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy are entirely subjective. For some women, it can be a challenging phase whereas, for others, it might just not feel as if there is something in the belly.

It all depends upon your nutrition level and hormones. anyway, these are a few more symptoms of pregnancy.

Missing Periods

  • Although a missing period is reasonable for a female even if she is not pregnant.
  • Yet it is one of the most significant indications of pregnancy whatsoever.
  • Also, if some women have irregular menstrual cycles, missing periods can signify fertility.

Swollen Breast

  • Breasts hurt a lot when a woman has just conceived.
  • It is all because of the hormonal changes that make your breasts more sensitive and painful.
  • Discomfort is likely to last for a few weeks of early pregnancy.
  • Eventually, it will go away on its own.


  • No doubt a pregnant woman feels the morning sickness at any point of time in the day.
  • Somehow, it is not a confirmation for a woman to be pregnant.


  • During the early stages of pregnancy, your body supplies more blood and oxygen to the growing fetus that can lead to extreme tiredness.
  • The feeling of sleepiness accompanies increased fatigue.

More Urination

  • A pregnant woman happens to urinate more often because the amount of blood in the body enhances, thereby comparing your Kidneys to work harder.

Mood Swings

  • The early symptoms of pregnancy can make you unusually aggressive and emotionally weak.
  • It is quite common for a woman to undergo emotional breakdown while conceiving.

Stomach Bloating

  • Pregnancy is all about hormonal games.
  • This can make you feel bloated even when you have not eaten anything.

Extreme Cramps

  • Pregnancy can make you feel as if periods are approaching soon.
  • However, they would never come if you are pregnant.

Nasal Congestion

  • If you wake up in the morning and have a lot of mucus inside the nose.
  • It can be a symptom of pregnancy.
  • Also, bleeding nose can be a symptom of being pregnant.

Bleeding Gums

  • Pregnancy happens to create weakness in the gums, which leads to bleeding.
  • If at any morning you find your gums bleeding for no reason.
  • You can take it as a symptom of pregnancy.


  • Feeling feverish is normal during the early stages of pregnancy.
  • These are not the only symptoms of pregnancy that exist.
  • There are many more than these. The sooner your pregnancy is confirmed, the better it is because that would let you take some extra care of the one present in your belly.

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