Mouth Ulcers Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Mouth ulcers are painful lesions that develop in the base of the gums or inner side of the mouth. They can make swallowing and eating things highly uncomfortable. People of any age group can suffer from mouth ulcers. However, women and adolescents have a higher degree of it.

What Are Mouth Ulcers?

Mouth Ulcers
Mouth Ulcers

Generally, mouth ulcers Go Away on their own after a couple of weeks. Somehow, if they develop more than the permissible limits, they can become painful, and you might need to take the help of an expert.

Reasons Behind Mouth Ulcers

There is no specific cause behind mouth ulcer, but certain reasons that are identified are as follows.

  • Toothpaste consisting of sodium lauryl sulphate
  • Hard brushing
  • Accidental bite
  • Food sensitivity
  • Essential vitamins deficiency
  • Dental braces
  • Allergic mouth bacteria
  • Viral, fungal infections

Types of mouth ulcers

  • Minor

Minor mouth ulcers are small in size and can cure within 15 days on their own.

  • Major

Major mouth ulcers are large and can take up to 6 weeks to heal. They can result in scarring as well.

How to diagnose mouth ulcer at home?

Generally, common mouth ulcers are visible from the naked eyes very clearly. Exceptionally you may be required to undergo medical tests to identify them.

How to treat mouth ulcer at home?

As long as the majority of the mouth ulcer are concerned, they do not need any special medical treatment and generally evacuate with time. You can try the following remedies to fasten up the healing process.

  • Use soda and saltwater to rinse the mouth
  • Covering mouth with baking soda paste
  • Applying ice
  • Using milk of magnesia
  • Consuming multivitamins suggest Folic acid and zinc
  • Natural remedies like liquorice root and chamomile tea

Precautionary steps to avoid mouth ulcer

If you tend to develop mouth ulcer quite often, we are going to suggest a couple of tips that can reduce the possibility of their occurrence. Here are the recommended methods-

  • Avoid consuming spicy food
  • Eat a well balanced healthy diet with multivitamin content
  • Slowly chew your food to avoid accidental bites.
  • Take adequate rest and sleep
  • Avoid sulfate-based mouthwash and toothpaste
  • Use Homoeopathic medicine to treat the problem

How long can a mouth ulcer last?

Expecting mouth ulcer to go away overnight, it can be slightly disappointing for you. They take at least 15 days to cure on their own. However, with remedies and home treatment, they might go away sooner.

  • Alum powder

A Mixture made out of potassium aluminium sulfate can shrink the tissues and dry mouth ulcers very quickly.

  • Saltwater

Rinsing your mouth with salt water is an excellent home remedy to cure the painful mouth sores, whether large or small.

  • Baking soda rinse

Baking powder rinse is another excellent option to heal mouth ulcer in a couple of days. You can swirl it around your mouth for around 30 seconds and then spit it.

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