Motion Sickness | Get Rid Permanent With Home Remedies

Motion Sickness: More than 20% of the people in the entire United States suffer from constipation. Infact, 8 million people feel the problem getting worse and pay visits to the doctor as well.

A person might experience constipation for several reasons, including Lifestyle, food, medications, and hormonal imbalance. No matter whatever the reason is, there is always a requirement to get rid of the bowel Trouble to have a smooth life ahead.

How to diagnose constipation of Motion Sickness?

Motion Sickness
Motion Sickness

Constipation can create a negative impact on life quality. It can be mentally as well as physically damaging. Here are are a couple of home remedy that can probably relieve the motion problem at home itself.

  • If there is a feeling of incomplete bowel movement
  • Hard and lumpy stool
  • Pain in passing stool
  • Less than three bowel movement in a week

Drink Plenty of water

The Easiest way to fight constipation is to stay hydrated. You must never avoid consuming water no matter what season it is. People suffering from bowel problems can also seek relief by consuming some carbonated sparkling water. This can quickly help in curing chronic constipation.

Fibrous roots

You don’t have to take medicines to relieve constipation all the time. If you want to get rid of the problem, Naturally, have plenty of fiber in the form of.

  • Guava
  • papaya 
  • Figs
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Radish

Body movement and yoga

  • It would help if you walked as much as possible to improve the symptoms of constipation.
  • Exercising and Practicing yoga is also an excellent option for relieving tight stools.
  • Even if you can manage to do a moderate amount of exercise, it can considerably relieve the problem.
  • The best exercises to relieve constipation are cycling, jogging, walking, and swimming.

Drink caffeinated beverage

  • You must regularly consume tea or coffee to stimulate the muscles in the digestive system. 
  • Coffee has the right amount of caffeine content that can show a significant improvement in constipation.
  • It can also balance the gut bacteria and give healthier digestion naturally.

Homeopathic laxative

  • The safest option to get rid of constipation is by consuming Homoeopathic laxatives available as oral pills.
  • You can easily find affordable Homoeopathic medicines to cure constipation that comprise Senna and sulfur compounds.


  • Curd can relieve chronic constipation by balancing the level of bacteria in the body.
  • It can also provide the body with several nutrients that can supplement one’s health. 


  • You must have seen your grandparents consuming jaggery right after food every time.
  • Unbelievably, jaggery can cure constipation and can provide the body with a lot of iron content.
  • You can also mix some roasted peachicks with it.


  • Drink warm milk before you sleep to supply your body with several nutrients and naturally get relief from constipation.

Belly button oiling

  • Apply a few drops of castor oil in the belly button to relieve constipation and to improve digestion.
  • The motion problem will get miles away from you if you practice this daily.

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