How To Cure Vaginal White Discharge At Home?

Cure Vaginal White Discharge: No matter whether it is a teenager or an advanced age woman, white discharge commonly takes place in the female reproductive parts. There can be several reasons behind the vagina producing such a discharge.

How To Cure Vaginal White Discharge At Home?

Cure Vaginal White Discharge At Home
Cure Vaginal White Discharge At Home

It can be because of some hormonal changes or because of dead cells and bacteria being present in the cervix. The discoloured or white colour liquid is absolutely normal the majority of the time. It might give little or no Oder at all.

Causes Behind White Discharge

  • Pregnancy
  • sexual arousal 
  • breastfeeding 
  • hormonal imbalance
  • hindered hygiene level

If there is a little bit of white discharge along with no smell or little foul odor it is not a cause of worry. However, in case you have been dealing with some kind of infection that accompanies irritation and itching, it should be paid attention immediately.

Types of vaginal discharge

Not all discharges are harmful in nature. Some of them are thick while others can be light in colour and may require no treatment.

  • Dark white discharge

A little bit of thick white discharge during the beginning or the end of menstrual cycle is very normal amongst females. It can have consistency and does not need any treatment.

  • Watery

Watery discharge is absolutely normal and can take place at any time without prior notice. Even after heavy exercise, there can be a possibility for watery discharge to take place from vagina.

  • Stretchy and clear

When the White coloured discharge is clear but somewhat stretchy in nature it indicates that you are ovulating and this is the best time to conceive. It is a very normal kind of a discharge in women.

  • Brown and bloody

The Brown and bloody discharge that generally takes place after menstrual cycle or at the end of the period is also quite normal.

Home remedies to treat white discharge

  • Wash your intimate area with soap and water regularly. Try to use warm water the majority of the time.
  • Avoid using scented soaps and use special female hygiene products.
  •  avoid using public toilet
  • Keep your intimate area clean after sexual activities and visiting the washroom .
  • Avoid synthetic underwear and tight clothing

When is the need for medical help?

In case there is some kind of unusual discharge from the body with some unusual symptoms, fever and pain in the abdomen, you must immediately seek the expert advice. Take an appointment from the gynaecologist and undergo a pelvic examination.

You may be expected to answer certain general questions regarding female hygiene and sexual activities. Usually, a gynaecologist can detect the presence of infection after a physical examination.

You may also be expected to undergo some tests and the discharge may be also examined in severe cases. A microscope examination to know the degree and reason behind such a discharge is identified and medicines are prescribed accordingly.

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