How To Confirm Pregnancy? | 5 Signs To Confirm

How To Confirm Pregnancy?: Pregnancy is undoubtedly a matter of happiness, but if it occurs unplanned, it can create a lot of stress. Also, the newbie parents need to confirm the pregnancy to plan out things further.

Pregnancy takes place When the sperm of a male successfully fertilises the egg of the female lying in the uterus. With pregnancy test kits available in the market, it is straightforward to confirm everything without visiting the doctor in the first place.

How Do Pregnancy Kits Work?

How To Confirm Pregnancy
How To Confirm Pregnancy

Pregnancy kits work by detecting the presence of gonadotropin -HCG in the urine. It is only present if a woman is pregnant. The particular hormone is released only when the egg is fertilised and gets attached outside the uterus.

The work-ability of the pregnancy test kids is the simplest. There is no hassle of visiting the doctor or taking an appointment. Just purchase the pregnancy test kit online, and you are ready to know the results in less than 5 minutes.

  • Collect the first urine of the morning in a cup
  • With the help of the dropper available in the pregnancy test with a comma, take a small amount of urine and drop it in the appropriate content of the kit.
  • If there are three red coloured lines, it is confirmed that you are pregnant.

The test is not considered confirmed in the following circumstances.

  • If there are only two red lines
  • If you did not take the first-morning urine
  • If the test was not confirmed within 5 minutes.

The pregnancy test kits are 99% effective . Once it confirms that you are pregnant, it can be taken as good news immediately.

A Few More Tips To Confirm Pregnancy

Missed Periods

  • Missing your period is the first sign of being pregnant.
  • Typically you should wait for at least 15 minutes after missing the first period to check and confirm pregnancy.

Stomach Cramps

  • During the initial cycles of implantation, a person might feel menstrual cramps creating a lot of discomforts.
  • It just feels as if your period is approaching, but that would never come if you are pregnant.

Sore Breast

  • As the pregnancy progresses, there is a higher production of oestrogen and progesterone that create a lot of pain in the breast area.

Not Feeling Normal

  • It is quite natural for a woman to feel different if she gets pregnant.
  • There can be food aversions, mood swings and a lot of exertion.
  • Also, giddiness and irritation remain a permanent symptom of pregnancy.

Your Contraception Did Not Work.

  • If in any case, the birth control pill or condom was not able to stop implantation, it can result in pregnancy.
  • No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance of being pregnant with contraception methods used.

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