How To Brush Teeth Properly? | Easy Steps & Process

How To Brush Teeth Properly?: Almost every person on this earth brushes their teeth daily with paste and toothbrush. But for some people, brushing techniques can go wrong, which can give birth to several diseases in their teeth.

How To Brush Teeth Properly?

How To Brush Teeth Properly
How To Brush Teeth Properly

If you want to learn how to keep teeth healthy, you should first learn to brush properly regularly. Make sure that you use the following techniques to keep your teeth germ free and healthy forever.

Make sure that you do not have a toothbrush that is older than 3 – 4 months. Using a toothbrush that is older than this can result in unsatisfactory cleaning of teeth.

What is required for brushing teeth properly?

  • Fluoride toothpaste 
  • toothbrush 
  • mouthwash
  • Floss

How to brush teeth step by step guide

Step 1

The entire process of cleaning teeth should be around 2 minutes. You have to put a pea-size amount of toothpaste in the Brussels and then start rubbing the toothbrush in upward and forward motion while keeping the head of the brush in the slanting position.

Step 2

Always make sure that you include the gums while brushing teeth and inner area of the mouth as well.

Step 3

Brush the backward area of the tooth enamel apart from sliding the brush in the front area of the teeth.

Step 4

Clean your tongue as the last step to split saliva.

Step 5

 Rinse your mouth with clean water and wipe it with a towel.

What should be kept in mind while brushing teeth?

  • You always need to slide the brush through the tongue because the majority of the plaque is stuck there.
  • Flip the toothbrush upside down to target the inner area of the teeth.
  • Spit the remaining saliva from the mouth after completing brushing.

How do we use electric toothbrushes to clean teeth?

  • Apply a little bit of water in the toothbrush and add a pea-size amount of toothpaste on the top.
  • Switch on the Electronic toothbrush and hold the head at a 45-degree angle, put light pressure on the teeth and let it vibrate over the enamel.
  • Use the same toothbrush to clean the tongue as well.
  • Spit out the saliva in your mouth thoroughly.

How do we brush teeth after getting the wisdom teeth removed?

  • Just after the tooth extraction takes place, it is slightly painful to brush teeth after that.
  • Start brushing your teeth with clean water and do not use any toothpaste for the first few days at all.
  • Make sure that you brush your teeth in a reasonable way like you did before. Avoid dislodging the blood clot that might have taken place in the mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth gently with water

How to use floss while brushing?

  • Tightly hold the floss
  • Run it between the gum line and tooth.
  • Move the floss in up and down motions as well.
  • Use mouthwash after brushing and flossing to keep it fresh and long-lasting.

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