How To Avoid Having Gray Hair? | Causes & Treatments

How To Avoid Having Gray Hair?: No matter what age group you reach, gray hair is always disappointing. They make you look aged and spoil the fun the very moment they are visible.

How To Avoid Having Gray Hair?

How To Avoid Having Gray Hair
How To Avoid Having Gray Hair

Although grays are expected somewhere after the age of 50s, there is no sure shot rule that you cannot find during the teenage years.

It is very important to eliminate the existing gray hair and avoid generating the new one by hook or crook. Let us learn more about gray hair and the ways to eliminate them.

What Causes Gray hair?

With uncountable amounts of hair in the human body, it is the melanin responsible for their pigmentation. It is quite natural for the hair follicles to lose pigment cells as a person ages. Resultantly, the hair turns gray, which nobody likes.

To some extent, it is possible to manage grays naturally without colouring them Black. You cannot completely avoid having gray hair but at least delay their production by practicing the following remedies.

Consume vitamins and proteins

  • You don’t have to always depend on artificial multivitamin tablets to supplement the nutritional requirements.
  • Consuming at least 4 -5 varieties of fruits along with a dose of Vitamin C ( from the lemon ) is enough to avoid grays for quite a long time.

Eat protein-rich foods

  • Consume pulses, lentils, milk, and nutritious food items to fulfill protein deficiency in the body.
  • Premature graying, most of the time, occurs because of deficiencies.

Consume antioxidants

  • The imbalance of antioxidants in the body can also result in free radicals that can be damaging in nature.
  • The unstable molecules have all the capacity to create aging diseases.
  • The effect of antioxidants is also known as oxidative stress.
  • It can result in cell death apart from stopping the production of melanin altogether.

Medical condition

  • Gray hair is not specifically related to Vitamin and nutrient deficiency.
  • Sometimes there can be an underlying medical condition that can result in Losing hair pigment.
  • The abnormal thyroid dysfunction can generally end your health long black hair and turn them into ugly grays.

Avoid smoking

  • According to a study conducted in 2013, it was reported that people who smoke are more likely to have gray hair before the age of thirty.
  • People who do not smoke can enjoy black hair for a longer period.

Avoid chemical products and hair dye

  • Chemical hair dye can immediately give you black hair, but it can give permanent grays from a long-term point of view.
  • The harmful Chemicals harshly bleach hair to turn them white forever.


  • Premature hair graying is also related to Genetics. People can start having gray hair in their Teenage years if it is there in their genetics.
  • If you are lucky enough to have your forefathers enjoying black hair throughout their lives, maybe you too will never have to face grays.

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