How Does Bone Healing Start? | The Cartilage And The Bone

How Does Bone Healing Start?: Any crack in the bone is technically known as the fracture. the bone must be held in a proper position to heal the breach. It is essential to keep the injured area protected after the fracture takes place.

There can be possibilities of the blood clot and callus to develop around the affected area. The fracture does not heal itself most of the time and needs medical attention so that the bone is aligned correctly.

How Does Bone Healing Start?

How Does Bone Healing Start
How Does Bone Healing Start

Most of the people who are reading this article are somewhat aware of Bone fractures. Broken bones are very painful and unbearable. Once a fracture occurs, it can heal the way it was earlier if immediate medical attention is received.

  • Bones always come with a natural ability to heal.
  • We can Consider a bone as a rigid and stable structure.
  • It has a significant role in keeping the body in the correct position.
  • The dynamic and active organ of the body, bone is continuously replenished.

After the bone is broken, the production of stem cells takes place to produce cartilage that eventually generates a new bone and helps the broken one heal. Every year more than 15 Million fractures occur worldwide, specifically in the United States of America.

Immediate medical attention given to the fracture can stop blood vessels from bleeding and clotting tking place. If the clotted blood surrounds the bone fracture, it can lead to Hematoma, which develops a meshwork of protein. This is a temporary arrangement to fill up the gap that is generated because of the broken bone.

The immune system also has a role play in helping the bone heal faster—the affected area witnesses inflammation and pain in normal circumstances. The stem cells surrounding the tissues and the bone marrow respond to the immune system.

What About The Cartilage And The Bone?

The majority of the time, the new bones start to develop from the corners of the fracture, and it continues as a routine maintenance task.

  • To fill the space between the broken ends of the bone, there is soft cartilage produced, which is slightly surprising to hear.
  • This is just like embryonic development takes place in the adult body.
  • Cartilage formation occurs somewhere around eight days after the injury and is not a permanent solution because cartilage is never so healthy to tolerate the pressures that a bone scan.
  • The soft callus is eventually replaced with the hard bone structure and is quite strong. Still, it is not very strong like a bone.
  • It takes around 3 – 4 weeks after the injury to choose a new bone structure. This can even take several years, depending on the size of the structure.
  • In some cases where it is not very successful, there can be health complications as well.
  • Non-healing fractures can be quite problematic as they can give birth to several related diseases.
  • It is always the best idea to search for an orthopaedic surgeon’s help to heal the area where the bone fracture has taken place.

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