Having Excess Caffeine | Advantages & Disadvantages

Having Excess Caffeine: A cup of coffee is a must-have for everyone. People even believe that coffee is a gift from Heaven.

Having Excess Caffeine

Having Excess Caffeine
Having Excess Caffeine

It is it scientifically proven that caffeine consists of psychoactive substances that are beneficial for the human body as a whole. According to research, coffee has both advantages and disadvantages to the human body. Let us know all of them in detail.

Advantages Of Having Lesser Caffeine:

Boosting your physical performance

  • Caffeinated drinks are known to induce performance of up to 12%.
  • It enhances the adrenal level of the blood and allows you to fight better.

Burning Fat

  • Caffeine helps in Breaking away the fat cells that are otherwise possible to break with cardio training.
  • It also regulates the insulin levels of the body and reduces the craving for sugary drinks.

Helps you to stay focused

  • Try drinking a cup of coffee and then sleeping after that.
  • I bet you won’t be able to take a single nap. It is all because coffee improves mental alertness and keeps you awake.

Fights cancer

  • It is not randomly said that coffee is the gift of Heaven.
  • It is indeed a drink that can reduce the risk of prostate cancer among men by 20%.
  • People who drink at least four cups of coffee in a day can also fight with the basal cell carcinoma.

Fight with Parkinson’s disease.

  • There is evidence that coffee can reduce Parkinson’s disease by up to 25%.
  • Since it improves the work-ability of the brain.
  • There is a whole lot of possibility for the body to keep away from any diseases as a result of drinking coffee regularly.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

  • As one of the best impacts of having coffee, fighting with glucose tolerance is one.
  • It reduces the possibility of type 2 diabetes.

Coffee keeps your brain protected

  • The high level of caffeine in the blood reduces the possibilities of Alzheimer’s disease and also fights with dementia.

Coffee helps to stay happy.

  • Fighting with depression and boosting the production of neurotransmitters is also a significant impact of having caffeinated drinks every day.
  • The dopamine and serotonin are the hormones responsible for the happy mood.
  • Having the right amount of caffeine will help you to induce the production of those hormones.

Disadvantages Of Having Caffeine Every Day:

Excess caffeine can kill

  • No doubt excess of everything is terrible, and when it has more than 13 grams of caffeine every day.
  • it can result in nausea and even removal of required water from the body.


  • The maximum dose of caffeine that should be consumed every day is not more than 400 milligrams.
  • If you drink more than four cups of coffee regularly, you are bound to feel the symptoms of irritation, restlessness and insomnia.

Not meant for pregnant ladies.

  • Caffeine should be avoided entirely by pregnant ladies because it can have a controversial effect on the fetus.
  • Your baby can be sensitive to caffeine, and as a result, it can create pregnancy complications.
  • Reduce the amount of caffeine intake during the pregnancy or completely put an end to it.

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