Fever Treatment – Symptoms, Causes & Medication

Fever Treatment: Fever is caused due to an increase in the body temperature above the normal range. The normal Temperature for the fever is from 99.5 and 100.9 F.

Fever Treatment

Fever treatment
Fever treatment and medication and Precautions and cure

The increase of the temperature causes the muscle contractions and the patient who is suffering from fever feels very cold. When the set-point or the normal range of the body temperature gets to normal a person feels relaxed and may begin to sweat.


  • The person may feel weak when fever temperature increases.
  • The person may get depressed
  • The common problem is body pains
  • He/she may suffer from a serve headache.
  • The person may feel very bitter in the mouth
  • The person may also get chills due to high temperature.
  • Some people may even undergo symptoms like vomiting, loose motions, which causes dehydration.
  • Most common symptoms are dizziness, tiredness, and weakness.
  • When the person goes weaker and tried, it is time to consult the doctor.
  • Due to the body pains, the person goes through insomnia.


  • Infectious diseases: examples like fever cause through malaria virus, Ebola, gastroenteritis, dengue etc.
  • Skin inflammations also cause fever, example: abscess, boils etc.
  • Tissue destruction, fracture also causes fever.
  • Reaction to any incompatible blood product also causes fever.
  • Any changes in the whole body cause fever.
  • Above are those common types of diagnosis that cause fever.

Management of Fever Treatment

  • Most of the time without untreated only the person get cured of the fever.
  • Fever rarely raises from the normal range to the dangerous level.
  • Sometimes if lower fever untreated it may lead to dangerous which causes the damage to the brain.
  • This damage to the brain generally does not occur until it reaches 42 C. It is very rare to reach up to 105F. However, you can also know about Upper Respiratory tract Infection and cure with this information.

Home Remedies & Medications

  • Medication for lower fever is called as antipyretics.
  • Antipyretics like ibuprofen effects in reducing fever in children.
  • Aspirin can also be used but not recommended for children and young adults from 16-19 years people.
  • Can also use PARACETAMOL and IBUPROFEN at the same to reduce fever. If it is not so clear that the combination drugs can be given to the children and younger adults
  • CONSULT the doctor before using the medication.


  • To have the hygiene food.
  • Surroundings should be neat and clean.
  • Should avoid drinking unhygienic water

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