Does Smoking Affect Hair Fall? | Side Effects Of Smoking

Does Smoking Affect Hair Fall?: Smoking is a habit that affects the health of your lungs and other body organs simultaneously. But does it affect the quality of hair as well According to a recent study, it was discovered that the side effects of smoking are not only limited to the lungs but also reach out to hair follicles. So, if you are the one who is looking forward to some long and healthy hair, you must decide to quit smoking right away.

Does Smoking Affect Hair Fall

Does Smoking Affect Hair Fall
Does Smoking Affect Hair Fall

Smoking not only accelerates the loss of hair but also promotes premature greying as well. It further takes away your youthfulness and gives you a complete hormonal imbalance. According to a study, it has been indeed proven that smoking can significantly result in degrading quality of hair. It is also shown that people who smoke regularly can Eventually go bald.

All of us are entirely aware of the side effects of smoking up to a certain extent. Besides the possibilities of yellowing teeth, cancer, and heart diseases, cigarette smoking is also associated with the toxicity of the scalp that promotes hair fall. It has been proven that people who smoke have a higher possibility of hair fall than those who do not smoke.

Here Are The Side Effects Of Smoking

Weak and Damaged Hair Follicles

  • With tobacco, nicotine, and Aluminium, Ammonia, and arsenic being the main contents of cigarette smoke, each drag can significantly impact the strength of your hair.
  • Cigarette smoke has a high capacity to impact hair follicles and blood circulation as well as negatively.
  • It enhances the androgen secretion, which is quite a lot responsible for hair shedding.

Hindered Blood Circulation

  • It goes without saying that in the presence of oxygen, your hair can grow better.
  • Nicotine present in cigarette smoke can shrink the blood vessels that can lead to reduced blood flow.
  • This results in a low supply of oxygen to the hair follicles that lead to falling out.

More Oil Secretion

  • Nicotine content in tobacco is known to accelerate the dopamine hormone that promotes the secretion of the adrenal hormone responsible for excitement.
  • As the hormone increases, it results in more oil secretion, making it difficult for the hair follicles to breathe.
  • Eventually, the problem of hair loss takes place.

Scalp Damage

  • While smoking, there are many alkaline substances released in the scalp that can affect the quality of hair.
  • The human scalp is otherwise acidic.
  • The smoke and dust particles can harm the pH level of the scalp and negatively affect hair growth.

Poor Immunity

  • The response level of the people smoking cigarettes lowers significantly. A person who regularly smokes is more prone to infections as the body.
  • It is tough to shake off any disease for such a person.
  • Eventually, the scalp is exposed to more fungal infections that can hinder new hair follicles from growing.
  • Smoking cigarettes is proven to harm the body, both internally and externally.
  • If you have a habit of smoking, sooner or later, you will have your hair thinning and falling out apart from facing multiple other problems.

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