CoronaVirus Symptoms & Home Remedies of Corona-Virus

CoronaVirus Symptoms: The world wants to get away from the corona-virus disease, and indeed many countries are free from it. Unfortunately, if you live in a place where corona-virus is still traumatising, here are specific tips that can prevent the corona-virus attacks up to a particular limit.

The moment there Covid-19 symptoms witnessed, you should self isolate without any delay. Also, report to the nearby governmental hospital immediately before the condition worsens.

CoronaVirus Symptoms

CoronaVirus Symptoms
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Sore throat 
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

Home remedies to get rid of Corona-virus attack

Here are some tips that can avoid corona-virus Attack by inducing the immunity levels of a person. In order to get way from Corona please do some weight loss exercise and be fit.

Remain hydrated

  • Drink plenty of hot liquids including water, tea, coffee and soup.
  • Always make sure that your urine is light in colour because that’s what indicates the hydration level of the body.

Avoid Antibiotics and painkillers.

  • Most of the doctors recommend antibiotics and painKillers to cure the symptoms of flu.
  • However, WHO strictly recommends avoiding painKillers and antibiotics in case there are possibilities of coronavirus attack.

Consume hot water drinks

  • Many cases, they have reported that drinking hot water can cure the symptoms of corona-virus that occur on a fundamental basis. 

Rinse with hot water

  • The corona-virus stays in the throat for almost four days, and that is the best time, and you should make attempts to kill it.
  • Drink plenty of hot water and also rinse with some heated saltwater.
  • For some people, it is an excellent way to avoid the virus, but for others, this might not work.

Consume liquorice

  • The liquorice extract is a great immunity booster, and you should try it regularly by adding it in your morning tea.

Consume Vitamin C

  • The Natural sources of Vitamin C such as lemon, sweet lime and oranges are a must for every person on this earth in this Covid-19 period.
  • Somehow if you do not like citrus fruits, you can also buy Vitamin C tablets and have them daily.

Sanitise all the time

Always keep a sanitising spray with use and used at the moment required.

  • Avoid touching handles before sanitising
  • Wear gloves
  • Avoid touching eyes and mouth even while wearing gloves
  • Do not eat restaurant stuff
  • Avoid visiting public places
  • Maintain at least one-metre distance
  • Keep your nose and mouth covered
  • Sanitise the laundry under the sun before washing and after washing.

Emergency signs of covid-19

If your immunity was not enough to fight with the virus attack, the symptoms of corona-virus could become severe.

Avoiding corona-virus warning can be fatal to health. make sure that the moment you feel uncomfortable with your health, you do not give a second thought before reporting to the health officials.

  • Bluish lips and face
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in chest

Disclaimer- these are some ways that can treat typical flu symptoms and also corona-virus if you have excellent immunity. By no means, we guarantee that these are 100% effective.

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