Brain Tumour Symptoms, Causes Diagnosis & Treatment

The abnormal cell growth in the form of a mass in the brain is known as Brain Tumour, Different types of brain tumours exist that can be non harmful and malignant in nature.

The brain tumours particularly begin in the brain area and then spread throughout the body. The way Brain Tumour grows and the effect it has in the body completely depends on the functioning of the nervous system.

Brain Tumour Symptoms

Brain Tumour
Brain Tumour

The Symptoms and Signs of brain tumour are the same on the onset for the majority of the people. The general signs of tumour are as follows.

  • Changed pattern of headache
  • Onset of frequent headache
  • Vision issues including double vision and peripheral vision
  • Speech confusion
  •  speech difficulties 
  • personality and behaviour changes 
  • hearing problem occurs

Causes of Brain Tumour

The origination of the brain tumour takes place in the brain tissues itself. There are membranes covering the brain that include cranial nerves and pituitary gland. The Brain Tumour particularly begins when normal cells acquire mutations. These abnormal cells grow at an increased rate and healthy cells eventually die. The mass of abnormal cell growth forms a tumour in the brain area. It is very rare to find brain tumours in adults.

Cancer cells that begin in other body parts and reach out to the brain

Brain tumours can be the result of cancerous growth that starts in the body and spreads to the Brain. Secondary brain tumours often occur amongst people who already have a history of cancer. Metastatic tumour can be the first sign of Cancer that can take place in other parts of the body and reach out the brain area. The secondary Brain Tumour is far more common in the others than the primary once. Other types of cancer that spread to the brain include.

  • Lung cancer 
  • colon cancer 
  •  breast cancer 
  • Melanoma

Risk factors

Because of tumour is not very clear but the doctors include the following risk factors.

  • Exposure to radiation – people who have been exposed to ionizing radiation have no risk of developing brain cancer and tumours.
  • History of Tumour in the family – cancer has a tendency to spread hereditary full stop if your family has a history of Tumour, it is likely to reach out to the heirs as well.

What are other factors that can cause tumours?

  • Old age
  • Long term smoking
  • Exposure to cancerous elements
  • lower immunity

Tumour has been graded in 4 parts. There are grade 1 – 4 and grade 4 is the fastest one.

How to diagnose a brain cancer?

You can diagnose a brain cancer by a neurological examination and CT MRI test. Another way is lumbar puncture that collects a sample of the fluid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord to check the cancerous cells.

How to treat brain cancer?

There are several ways to cure brain cancer and your doctor will choose something amongst surgery, chemotherapy or biological drug.

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