Back Pain Symptoms Causes Treatments & Home Redemies

Back pain is a common complaint most of the people undergo once in the life time. Many people who works sitting overtime will face these backpain. 

What is Back Pain?

Back Pain
Back Pain Symptoms

The lower back pain is often referred to as lumbago that can go on its own most of the time. The issue can be associated with nerves, ligaments or muscles and bone structure. Sometimes, backpain is also associated with kidney issues.

BackPain usually occurs with several types. Mostly we see these backpain during Bike driving. However, Today I am going to explain how to get rid of backpain and precautions and there treatments. Also, Know more about Anal Fissure which also helps to cure at home.


  • Muscle ache
  • Shooting or stabbing
  • Intensity to stand up straight
  • In rare cases backpain can signal a serious medical problems like
  • Bladder problems
  • Bowel problems etc
  • Stress
  • Jerk
  • Improper muscular alignment
  • Disk injury


  • MUSCLE : When repeatedly lifting any heavy loads or sudden movement may cause muscle stain near spinal causing backpain.
  • Some times it is due to the captured  disks act as a cushion between the bone and in your spine.
  • ARTHRITIS: In this case of arthritis it can affect the lower back causing spinal stenosis around the spinal cord causing pain
  • SKELETAL IRREGULARITIES: In this case  backpain even occurs when spinal curves present in an abnormal way.

Risk Factor’s 

Any one can develop or go through this backpain. We can see in children, teen and adult. There Is no age difference. It mainly happens because of Improper lifting, over weight,lack of exercise etc.

Test & Diagnosis

  • X-RAY 
  • MRI
  • These tests should be done only when there is any specific condition causing backpain. In that situation doctor may order to do these test.

How To Treat Back Pain?

There is no need to make special efforts to treat backpain in most of the cases. Therefore, no extensive treatment for backpain or over-the-counter medications are needed. Only in accidental circumstances, one may require stronger medicine.

Ointments and Rubs

  • Special Ointments and Rubs, available in the market for treating backpain are very effective.
  • They consist of ibuprofen and lidocaine that can reduce the intensity of pain.


  • If the pain is very severe, your doctor might give you Opioids to get over the problem.
  • However, you might get addicted to medicine after some time.

Muscle relaxants

  • Muscle relaxants are very helpful in curing muscular spasm, including backpain.
  • They have a direct impact on the nervous system.


  • Antidepressants can sometimes help in treating backpain that can become otherwise severe.
  • They can also cure nerve-related problems.

Steroidal injection

  • The cortisone steroid injection is recommended by Doctors to cure the problem.


  • Surgery works as a last resort for treating back pain.
  • When the problems are related to structural abnormality, an operation is the only way to get away with the problem.

Home remedies for back pain

We have already discussed treating back pain through medical treatments. However, sometimes the problem can be managed home itself with simple remedies. here are they.

Heat and ice therapy

  • You won’t believe that heat and ice therapy works very well for most of the types of pain.
  • Any muscular cramps can be cured by Creating wraps that are Hot and Cold.
  • Make sure that you never apply ice directly on the skin and always keep it in a towel.

Salt bath

  • Salt bath can do wonders in relaxing the muscles in almost no time.
  • Therefore if you are facing a back problem for a long time, try to take a bath with Epsom salt so that your body can absorb Minerals and reduce the pain.

Yoga for back pain

  • Yoga has got a cure for almost every issue.
  • Therefore try to learn certain yoga postures that can cure back pain naturally.


  • Exercising can improve health and relax away from the muscles.
  • If there is an onset of back pain, make sure that you exercise and try to get over it.

Essential oils

  • Lavender is one such Essential oil that can decrease almost any kind of pain.
  • Also, pepper can easily help to desensitise the nerves and pain relief the body.

Treatments & Drugs

  • Most of the back can be cure by doing some excises. If the increasing accordingly can take IBUPROFEN to reduce the under the guidance of the doctor.
  • Some people who don’t prefer to take oral administration of drugs can go for topical applicable and creams or gels like DYNAMITER GEL under the prescription of doctor.

People should follow some home remedies like

  • Excise
  • Build muscle strength of flexibility like abdominal and back muscle excise.
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Sit straight
  • Yoga
  • Lift smart
  • Massage

For more information and Home Remedies Visit our home page  Also know when should consultant a doctor before going to take medicine.